Fall colors in Aspen Colorado 2017

Fall colors in Aspen Colorado 2017



I was a teenager at the ripe age of 14 when I was inspired by the magazine pages of Transworld Skateboarding. Funny how things come around, but I was discouraged about not being able to stomp a certain trick that I was trying over and over again for at least 3 weeks everyday after school. One  afternoon during a long session at the park I was sore tired and frustrated. It was at that moment staring at this particular magazine the one I had tore every great ad and image out and had posted on the ceiling and walls of my room, this my parents loved, that I realized what I wanted was the lifestyle and not the actual activity of skateboarding. The time spent outdoors with friends and at this age the talk of potential travel to skate spots or other far off places. Those moments and choices at a early age set my future path. During this time I was gifted my first film camera from a recently lost to age uncle. From this point on I carried my Canon AE-1, camera bag, and rolls of 35mm film around with me photographing my friends and our strange activities. One I was no longer hurting myself, secondly they were way better than I was and it was fun to be part of the progress. I've since followed my early age passion with bumps, misguided directions, life happenings and have found myself in Aspen, Colorado. I contribute my growth as a artist and photographer from being in Aspen. Since I have moved to Colorado the people, the experiences, the environment have shaped my style and eye. Through my persistent, unforgiving desire to never give up I have achieved successes that my early aged self would never have dreamed of. Please enjoy these images as my portfolio is diverse. It may seem as I have no direction with some of my work, but in reality my direction is to create. Enjoy these images and share any questions or comments. 

Maroon Bells collection 2016

Maroon Bells first light Summer 2016

First Snow Fall 2016